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Tony Pacheco, Foreign Worker and Health and Safety Manager at Windset Farms’ caught up with @theproducemoms on what it means to be EFI Certified and how we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and kept our employees safe this past year. Check it out!

Head on over to our Instagram account for your chance to win a free registration for RBC Race for the Kids: At Home Edition and a care package of Windset Farms #veggies! Or check out this link for contest details! #Giveaway #RBCRaceForTheKidsBC
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Little yellow flowers mean our Fresco® Mini Cucumbers are almost ready for harvest! In Delta, our cucumber greenhouse is replanted 3 times throughout the season to ensure the best quality, freshest tasting cucumber for you to enjoy! #GreenhouseGrown #Cucumbers WindsetFarms photo

We spy some tasty greenhouse grown tomatoes! The longer these little gems stay on the vine the sweeter they'll get! #GreenhouseGrown #NaturallyGrown #Tomatoes WindsetFarms photo

Happy #CincoDeMayo! Wishing you all a safe and happy day full of good food and drinks. Celebrate with our Fresco® Cucumber Lime Margarita! Super simple and super delicious! #HappyCincoDeMayo #WindsetRecipes WindsetFarms photo

Thanks to our hard working bumble bees for keeping BUZZY all day long pollinating our tomato crops! #BusyBees #GreenhouseGrown #SustainablyGrown WindsetFarms photo
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