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Windset crops are grown in a soilless grow medium made up of finely spun coconut husk fiber, allowing oxygen to reach the root system, helping the plant absorb nutrients. #GreenhouseGrown #SustainablyGrown WindsetFarms photo

Happy first day back to school for our friends in BC!

Click the link below to enter our Back to School Giveaway for your chance to win one of five fresh, greenhouse grown Windset Farms Care packages! #BackToSchool #Giveaway
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Fons Aldenzee is our grower consultant! He oversees greenhouse operations, including seed selection, testing new varieties, organizing plantings and working with all our growers to ensure a successful harvest! #GreenhouseGrown #GreenhouseGrowing WindsetFarms photo

Get your vitamin C dose in for the day with Crescendo® Sweet Pointed Peppers! Red, yellow, orange or “chocolate”, these peppers are sure to brighten up your meal and taste crunchy and sweet at the same time! #GreenhouseGrown #Peppers WindsetFarms photo

Fall weather is setting in which means it's time to start thinking comfort foods! This Tomato Pepper Bolognese is easy to make and super delicious! Using fresh Maestro® Bell Pepper and Tomatoes On The Vine, it's a major win! #WindsetRecipes

Delta greenhouse grower Henry Villacorta admires his grape tomato crop! #GreenhouseGrown #Tomatoes #BCGrown WindsetFarms photo
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