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1 day ago
This plate of nachos from @Rickys_Grill has us drooling! And it wouldn't be complete without tomatoes from yours truly!
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Rickys Restaurants @Rickys_Grill
Whats better than one kind of cheese? Three! Come by Ricky's and celebrate the end of another busy week with a hot plate of our Twisted Nachos, with crunchy tortilla chips, tri-cheese, ranch dressing, @windsetfarms tomatoes and green onions. #RickysAllDay
2 days ago
We love partnering with local restaurants and providing them with fresh, greenhouse grown produce ❤️ #FarmToTable
5 days ago
This Classic Multi-leaf Salad is light and refreshing, perfectly complimenting your favorite summer meal!
5 days ago
Nothing but hand-picked, sustainably grown Windset Farms Tomatoes on the Vine here 😍 WindsetFarms photo
1 week ago
Be sure to check out our in store demo at The Real Canadian Superstore this Sunday from 12pm - 4pm! Do your grocery shopping and munch on some fresh, greenhouse grown, local produce at the same time! #GreenhouseGrown WindsetFarms photo
1 day ago
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