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Maintaining a healthy diet is super important during this time! Boost your immune system with these 9 healthy foods... & we've got plenty of #1!! 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Hey y'all! Its #NationalTomatoDay! Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to take a look at our post.. there could be a treat in the works for you! 🍅😉 WindsetFarms photo

Our local pepper crop in BC is coming along nicely. We have Maestro Bell Peppers, Crescendo Sweet Pointed Peppers, and Dolce Mini Sweet Peppers!! 😍 WindsetFarms photo

#Fresh, #delicious fruits and veggies keep our bodies strong and healthy 💪🏼💪🏼
During this uncertain time, we are making sure extra #greenhousegrown veggies make it to food banks and into the #communities we love! 💕
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Did you know the avg American farmer feeds approx. 166 people worldwide?! Our food brings everyone to the table. Happy National Ag Day! 😊 #AgFacts #AgDay20 WindsetFarms photo
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