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What did the salad greens say to the hungry kids?

We’ll make your tummy happy, if you lettuce!

#ButterLettuce #GreenhouseGrown #EatYourVeggies
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Mark your calendars, and support Race For The Kids on June 12th!

RBC Race For The Kids is one of Vancouver’s BIGGEST family fun runs, dedicated to supporting a wide range of medical programs at BC Children’s Hospital ( @bcch)!

Donate or register here
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Windset Farms® was founded by two brothers in 1996 in Abbotsford, BC. Our main office has since moved to Delta, BC but we are still 100% family owned by John and Steven Newell! Everything we grow supports local farmers, growers and communities.
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Three major benefits of Bell Peppers:

1️⃣ Carotenoids found in Bell Peppers has been linked to improved eye health
2️⃣ Found to reduce the likelihood of anemia through the copious amounts of vitamin C
3️⃣ Rich in antioxidants, which can protect against possible heart disease
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Delicato Butter Lettuce is #BCGrown and the perfect addition to your salads, sandwiches or wraps! #GreenhouseGrown #ButterLettuce WindsetFarms photo
What kind of pepper-snacker are you? Dolce® Sweet Mini Peppers are delicious sliced or you can eat them whole! #GreenhouseGrown #MiniPeppers #EasySnacking WindsetFarms photo
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