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16 hours ago
It's snack time, which means grabbing a handful of our super sweet #DolceMiniPeppers! 🌶️❤️😍
What are you snacking on? #SnackTime #Sweet #MiniPeppers
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2 days ago
We love a good #TacoTuesday, and with our fresh veggies, it just doesn't get any better!! 🌶️
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Wild Pacific Halibut @WildBCHalibut
It's #TacoTuesday! A perfect time to try these Crispy #WildPacificHalibut Tacos prepared with @WindsetFarms fresh ingredients. A recipe created by Dana Reinhardt for our friends at Windset Farms and we're happy to pass it along! #BuyBC
2 days ago
So good, so healthy! 🙌🏻🍅 #Tomatoes
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Lovejoy Nutrition @LovejoyISDfood
Recipe of the Week: Mediterranean Quinoa Burger with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Feta by @WellPlated! #plantbased #protein #fiber 🍽️
3 days ago
We like the Tomatoes/Basil Vinaigrette.. but we’re a little biased 🍅🍃😏😉 #GreenhouseGrown
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Gaby Dalkin @WhatsGabyCookin
Which one is your jam? Smoked Salmon/Red Onion, Tomatoes/Basil Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese/Chives, Bacon/Egg, Pico de Gallo or the OG avocado toast with salt, pepper and lemon juice! Also hey Monday! Let’s do this!
7 days ago
Love all the toasts.. this one looks amazing with all that fresh veg on top! #EatYourVeggies
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A Cedar Spoon @ACedarSpoon
Move over avocado toast, hummus toast is moving in! Mediterranean Hummus Toast with Za’atar is a savory, healthy want to start your day or a great afternoon pick-me-up. #ad #hummustoast @Sabra
7 days ago
We can't wait for the new crops in our Delta greenhouse to start producing delicious, juicy, tomatoes - grown and ripened on the vine for maximum flavor and freshness! #GreenhouseGrown WindsetFarms photo
14 hours ago
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