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What kind of pepper-snacker are you? Dolce® Sweet Mini Peppers are delicious sliced or you can eat them whole! #GreenhouseGrown #MiniPeppers #EasySnacking WindsetFarms photo
A Caprese salad!🍅🙌🏽

Pair our fresh Campari Tomatoes with basil, mozzarella, balsamic glaze and a few splashes of olive oil for the ultimate appetizer or side dish!

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Our go to snack - halve Dolce® Sweet Mini Peppers, fill with a spoonful of cream cheese and sprinkle with your favourite seasoning! Here are a few of our go-tos:
Everything Bagel
Lemon and Pepper

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Thank you, Teachers! We appreciate you and all the work you do – this week and every week!
Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek ❤️
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Four reasons to LOVE Symphony® Tomato Ensemble:

🍅 Every pint contains a variety of colours, shapes, sizes & flavours
🍅 High in anti-free-radical vitamin C
🍅 Great source of vitamin A, to build strong bones & teeth
🍅 Great snack on the go

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Eggplants are great for digestion, bone health and great for brain function!

Eggplants have wonderful benefits for the body, and they are great to add in almost anything!

What’s your favourite way to enjoy eggplants? #GreenhouseGrown #WindsetFarms
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