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Can you spot the tiny yellow flowers on our cucumber crops? It won’t be long until these flowers turn into crunchy, delicious, #greenhousegrown cucumbers! WindsetFarms photo

Our Virtuoso® Beefsteak Tomatoes are planted in Delta, BC and enjoying these sunny winter days! It may be cold outside but it’s nice and toasty warm in our greenhouse! T-Minus 12 weeks until first harvest! #GreenhouseGrown WindsetFarms photo

A satisfying meal full of veggies, you can't go wrong with this Concertino™ Mini Grape Tomato Panzanella Salad! Be sure to share and tag #WindsetRecipes if you give it a try! #GreenhouseGrown #EatYourVeggies

Our Tomatoes are hand picked on the vine so you get the freshest, most flavorful produce possible ❤ #GreenhouseGrown #TomatoesOnTheVine WindsetFarms photo

Be sure to check out our latest #WindsetLiving post to learn more about #crop #cleanout at our Delta greenhouses!

Keep your eyes peeled for #BCGrown Fresco® Mini Cucumbers in stores in the coming weeks! #LocallyGrown #GreenhouseGrown #Cucumbers WindsetFarms photo
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