Windset Farms®: Expansion Announcement

Windset Farms® is one of North America’s largest vertically integrated producers and marketers of greenhouse grown produce. The company is thrilled to announce its latest expansion, providing year-round lit greenhouse production at scale in Delta, British Columbia for Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest! This expansion, along with enhancements to existing infrastructure, numerous technological advancements and sustainability initiatives will be completed by Spring 2024.

Currently, Windset Farms Santa Maria, California greenhouse facility is the largest operating single site greenhouse vegetable facility in the United States.

“In 2024, our Delta greenhouse facility will become the largest operating lit greenhouse vegetable facility in Western North America, utilizing renewable hydroelectric power”, says John Newell COO. “Windset has always delivered sustainably produced, top-tier greenhouse vegetables, which will now be available year-round across all production sites”.

“Since 1996, Windset has expanded exponentially to produce and market over 2,500 acres of CEA facilities in Canada, United States, and Mexico”, President and CEO Steven Newell states. “Windset Farms will be the only greenhouse producer and marketer growing year-round from British Columbia, California, and Mexico. As the largest vertically integrated CEA greenhouse vegetable supplier in Western North America, this lit expansion will further enhance our reputation for unmatched fulfillment with locally grown, high quality, ultra fresh produce to our retail partners, in Canada, the United States and Asia”.

With exclusive seed rights, an extensive award-winning product portfolio, and robust brand recognition, Windset Farms has experienced significant growth. Windset’s strategic proximity to the market makes its produce accessible to over 125 million consumers within a 24-hour drive of Windset’s production and distribution facilities, serving the entire Western North American market, and beyond.

Year-round production of greenhouse grown products from three growing regions reduces carbon emissions by limiting the need for long distance transportation. This sustainable lit production ensures a steady produce supply, irrespective of seasonal fluctuations. Furthermore, it generates new employment opportunities for the local community. Windset Farms is committed to providing customers with fresh, high quality, greenhouse grown produce year-round.

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