The Return of Windset Farms® Living Organic Basil

Windset Farms® is thrilled to reintroduce Living Organic Basil to its extensive line of greenhouse grown products! With vibrant green leaves and strong aromatics and flavour, this herb has become a summer staple for Windset Farms®. Living Organic Basil is 100% organically grown in BC, Canada and is Certified Canada Organic. This is the fifth year Windset Farms® has grown this fan favourite!

“The return of Living Organic Basil really signifies the start of summer for us here at Windset” Vice President of Sales and Operations, Jeff Madu shares. “This really is a premium product. It’s organically grown in BC and is larger than the basil plants you typically see in stores. The packaging really stands out on the shelves, and it has a long shelf life for consumers.”

Living Organic Basil is potted and packed in a clear sleeve with a convenient handle for shoppers. The basil plant provides vibrant, colourful décor when kept in a sunny windowsill. This fragrant herb is a staple in pesto and caprese salad, and is celebrated for the sweet, peppery flavour it brings to classic Italian and Thai recipes. You can easily continue to grow this herb in your home for lasting enjoyment with proper care and plenty of sunlight.


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