Windset Farms® Unveils a Brand Refresh and Innovative Packaging Approach for its line up of nutritious greenhouse grown produce.

Windset Farms®, a renowned name in Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA), headquartered in Delta, British Columbia, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand refresh and sustainable packaging strategy! With a focus on promoting its nutritious high-quality products, including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, Windset Farms aims to captivate consumers with a fresh packaging experience for your favourite greenhouse grown commodities.

Windset Farms has experienced tremendous growth since it’s inception in 1996, presently selling and marketing over 2,500 acres of greenhouse production from growing regions across Canada, USA and Mexico. Is its journey to continue holding a strong brand presence in the industry, Windset Farms found that simplicity holds the key to success. COO and co-owner John Newell states that, “the new packaging design gives the brand a touch of maturity, symbolic of the companies growth, while staying true to its musical and art themed routes.”

Embodying sophistication, and timelessness, the brand has put the focus back on the produce, the star of the show. The addition of a playful ladybug pays homage to Windset Farms’ CEA growing practices. Windset greenhouse facilities utilize an Integrated Pest Management System where natural predators, coined as “good bugs” are used to control the populations of harmful pests in its greenhouses. This newest ladybug symbolizes these sustainable growing practices! Customers will also notice the prominent Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) or Fair-Trade logo. Windset Farms greenhouse operations in Delta, BC and Santa Maria, CA were one of the first companies to seek EFI certification, meeting rigours set of standards focused on labour conditions, food safety and pest management. Further fostering customer trust is the Fair-Trade logo seen on produce packaged by many of Windset Farms long standing partner growers, signifying the companies commitment to a do what is right for its employees, communities and our planet.  

While the look may have changed, you can still expect your favourite Windset Farms brand names to be music or art themed. Owner and founder John Newell shares that he “has always had a passion for music, and when first conceptualizing the brand, terms like FRESCO and MAESTRO kept coming to mind”. For example, the name SYMPHONY® Ensemble Tomatoes, a medley of multi coloured and unique tasting tomatoes, perfectly resembles a traditional Symphony, descripted by Websters Dictionary as an elaborate musical composition! It’s a true Symphony of tastes!

In addition to the brand refresh, Windset Farms continues to offer consumers more sustainable packaging options, including transitioning to monolayer LDPE bags, resulting in 20% less plastic used compared to the previous pack style! The change in material will reduce plastic consumption by 100,000 lbs annually! The redesigned bags can be found in stores now.

“We are excited to introduce our brand refresh and innovative packaging approach,” said Director of Sales, Ryan Cherry. “Our commitment has always been to provide the freshest, high-quality produce. Fresh is best we say. The new packaging design is simple yet elegant, and doesn’t hide the product. This is what customers are asking to see and we wanted to provide that to them in the best way possible, with our own Windset spin”.

The new Windset Farms branded packaging will be rolled out across all product lines, commencing this fall, reaffirming the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Enjoy the new look at the upcoming IFPA Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim at booth # 659!

About Windset Farms®

Windset Farms® is one of the largest Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) producers and marketers of sustainable, greenhouse grown produce in North America, with extensive operations in British Columbia, California, and Mexico. Offering a wide range of high-quality produce, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, and specialty items, we never stop looking for ways to improve every aspect of our operations in the most sustainable way possible. Customers include top grocery retailers and food service suppliers. After over two decades of growing, Windset is still 100% family owned and operated and proud to be ‘Your Friends in Freshness®’. For more information visit

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