The Way We Grow

Our mandate is to provide healthy, nutritious food that meets the demands of an increasing population and a delicate planet.

It starts with a seed – all natural, non-GMO.

Windset Farms® quality starts with premium non-GMO seedlings, nurtured in pristine conditions. Our years of experience ensure consistent product quality and performance from seed to fruit.

Our Greenhouses

Our mandate is to provide reliable, healthy, and nutritious food that meets the demands of an increasing population and a delicate planet.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Water Conservation

  • We collect rainwater for irrigation, which also gets recirculated to reduce water waste, and reuse hot water to lower energy costs and heat our greenhouses at night.
  • We combine reverse-osmosis and ozone in our waste water conservation system to properly clean and sterilize our recirculated water.
  • Our denitrification ponds further treat our recovered wastewater by using organic bio-filters, virtually eliminating all nitrates from water sent back into the ground.

Energy Conservation

  • The extensive use of thermal screens within our greenhouses helps to prevent heat loss and conserve energy.
  • We value space, we use small plots of land to achieve higher yields in greenhouses that could ever be achieved outdoors.
  • Our Ultra-Clima Greenhouse® transforms the growing environment from a “passive” climate to an “active” climate, where 16 different growing parameters are controlled (including heat, humidity, pressure, and air movement).

Renewable Energy

  • Our cutting-edge solar energy technology lowers our overall electrical footprint and dependency on local power grids. Our Santa Maria facility utilizes a 1 megawatt rooftop solar panel system.
  • We collect CO2 from oil & gas refinery waste streams, as well as 100% of the CO2 generated from our onsite boilers for beneficial reuse in our facility. This collection assists in the photosynthesis process to grow healthy crops.

Standards of Excellence

In 2012, SoCalGas awarded Windset “…the largest energy efficiency incentive the utility has awarded to a customer in its 140 year history for its initiative to conserve energy and resources.”

Our best agricultural management practices for water treatment, reuse and recirculation have been heralded as “industry leading” by regional County agencies.

Food Safety

At Windset Farms®, our greenhouse staff receive extensive food safety training. The food safety policies and procedures we believe in encompass guidelines that are strictly enforced by every person who comes into contact with our fresh produce.

Our grading and packaging operations are audited and certified by an independent third party. All aspects of food safety are assessed, including sanitation, maintenance, employee training, and pest control programs. We’re proud to provide this certification to assure buyers and consumers that our produce and facilities are entirely food safe.

Integrated Pest Management

Controlling Pests - Naturally

Rather than battling bugs with pesticides, we have harnessed the powers of good bugs - natural predators who control the populations of harmful bugs, like aphids and spider-mites. This process is healthier for our crops and our customers.

Storage & Handling

Our temperature and humidity controlled coolers allow us to care for, store and handle the plentiful bounty our greenhouses yield. After harvesting, produce is quickly graded, packaged and immediately chilled to maximize shelf-life.

Recycling & Composting

Working Towards a Better Future

We are committed to sustainability on all levels of our operations, right down to our packaging. Our packaging is fully recyclable. We also incorporate this way of thinking into how we grow.

Every day, we are working to develop new composting methods and products to ensure a sustainable future for our farm, and your family.