Exploring the Summer

With summer about to get into full swing what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with activities with close friends and family. Let’s start enjoying the summer months by venturing a little further from home and trying some new recipes!

We’ve found a couple of exciting things to do this month, and we’ve put a little Windset twist on them. The perfect activities no matter where you are!

  • Get creative in the kitchen! Take advantage of the extra time you might have and sneak-a-peek at some of the delicious recipes we have on our website. Or even better, explore what exciting things you can innovate with our produce. We love seeing the tasty meals you come up with when you tag our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and use the hashtag #WindsetRecipes.
  • Visit your local parks and plan a picnic! Check out some of our favorite sides to bring along for any outdoor adventure. How about our quick and bright Cucumber Tzatziki, or our Chicken Tacos for those who don’t mind getting a little messy and doing a little prep work, or our Tomato Watermelon Salad for a light and refreshing meal.
  • Support local businesses! We all know a business that has been affected by our crazy circumstances, so try to take the time out of your day to support them. Maybe it’s your favorite local restaurant or a small business that has been able to reopen. We’re sure they would love to see you!
  • Take advantage of the warm weather and plan a backyard barbeque! Try out our Vindaloo Lamb Burgers recipe, they’re super easy to throw on the BBQ and a great twist on the classic burger, or our Grilled Pepper Dressing perfect with grilled eggplants and other roasted vegetables! The options are endless, and we’re sure you can find the perfect side to go with your grilled meal (we suggest a light and refreshing Tomato and Kale Salad with Chickpeas)!


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