Yum Yums Cherry Tomatoes

Discover the irresistible charm of Yum Yums™ Cherry Tomatoes – a burst of natural sweetness set to become your new favourite snack. Greenhouse grown, these gems ensure a perfect balance of flavour, reminiscent of a sugary treat from your childhood days.

Available Sizes
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1 lb


Vibrant orange and deep red with a round appearance.

Flavour & Texture

Bite sized, super sweet tomatoes that are perfect for snacking.


  • High in Vitamin C, protecting against free radicals.
  • A source of Vitamin A (beta carotene), which help build strong bones and teeth.
  • Fat, cholesterol and sodium free.
  • Low in calories.


Leave in a cool, dry place. This will enhance their shelf-life and taste. For maximum flavor, do not refrigerate your tomatoes.

Avoid putting your tomatoes in direct sunlight as this will cause them to over-ripen.

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