Tomatoes On The Vine

We hand-pick these on the vine for a fresh aroma! Our Tomatoes on the Vine are flavorful and cut clean, making them perfect for sandwiches and burgers. Their beautiful red color and firm but juicy texture also makes them a natural fit for salads.

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Poly Bag
4 lb


Bright vibrant red.

Flavour & Texture

Sweet and juicy flavor. Clean slicing.


  • High in Vitamin C, protecting against free radicals.
  • A source of Vitamin A (beta carotene), which help build strong bones and teeth.
  • Fat, cholesterol and sodium free.
  • Low in calories.
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Leave in a cool, dry place. This will enhance their shelf-life and taste. For maximum flavor, do not refrigerate your tomatoes.

Avoid putting your tomatoes in direct sunlight as this will cause them to over-ripen.

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Tomato & Pancetta, Bresse Blue & Arugula Salad

A grown up and deconstructed Virtuoso® Beefsteak Tomato BLT. If pancetta is unavailable, good quality bacon can be substituted. This recipe also works well with goat cheese instead of blue cheese!
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