Virtuoso® Beefsteak Tomatoes

These are your big, juicy, old-fashioned grandma’s garden tomatoes.  Known for their firm texture and summertime flavour, beefsteak tomatoes are less sweet than their smaller counterparts, but every bit as flavourful. These are perfect sliced onto sandwiches or burgers, or to temper the heat of a fresh salsa.

Available Sizes

2 Count
3 Count
4 Count
2.5 lb


Orange-red appearance. Large round shape.

Flavour & Texture

Juicy, meaty, succulent, plump flesh. Clean slicing.


  • High in Vitamin C, protecting against free radicals.
  • A source of Vitamin A (beta carotene), which help build strong bones and teeth.
  • Fat, cholesterol and sodium free.
  • Low in calories.
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For maximum flavour, don’t refrigerate your tomatoes. Leave them in a cool dry place, preferably in a paper bag. This will enhance their shelf-life and taste.

Avoid putting your tomatoes in direct sunlight as this will cause them to over-ripen.

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