Adagio® Eggplants

Sometimes eggplants get a bad rep in the veggie-world. Well, our tender Adagio® Eggplants with thin skin can be baked, steamed, or roasted for stews, dips, and salads.  Easy to make and even easier to eat, these are the perfect gateway-eggplant.

Available Sizes

1.75 lb


Tear-shaped, deep purple appearance.

Flavour & Texture

Fleshy white, sweet, spongy texture.


  • Good source of dietary fiber.
  • Fat, cholesterol and sodium free.
  • Low in calories.
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For maximum flavour, refrigerate your eggplants (if haven't eaten within 2 days). Wrap in paper towel and place in reusable container or perforated plastic bag in the crisper section of your refrigerator. This will enhance their shelf-life and taste.

Windset Recipes

Mediterranean Frittata

The best way to start your day, our Concerto® Grape Tomato, Maestro® Sweet Bell Pepper and Adagio® Baby Eggplant Frittata is a delicious meal to serve at your next brunch!
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