Starting off the New Year Right

Here comes the end of the holiday season and the start of a new decade, why not ring in the New Year with an achievable resolution. No more crazy and unrealistic goals that never last. Take the time and think about the small changes that you can make.

Here at Windset Farms, we have been thinking about our New Years resolutions and wanted to share a couple with you.

  1. Keep strong and steady with our sustainability initiatives
  2. Continue to feed the world with our delicious veggies
  3. Donate to local food banks
  4. Support organizations and individuals in our community

Your resolutions might be a little different than ours, but perhaps we can help you achieve one or two of them. With our wide array of veggie heavy recipes on our Windset Living page; maybe we can encourage you to eat a little healthier or teach you how to make a new meal every week.

If your goal this year to find more time for friends, then invite them over and treat them with some snacks perfect for entertaining, like our Caprese Salad or our Vegan Tacos.

Let us help make this year (and decade) a healthy one!

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