Keeping Minds Well Fed For Learning!

School lunches? Healthy snacks? What is there to pack that is easy to eat and a favorite for your growing kids? We have a couple of ideas to help you out this school year!

As classes get into full swing, the daily task of putting lunches together might lose the excitement it once had. As meals start becoming repetitive and lunches lose their luster, take a peek at what Windset® Farms has to offer for some inspiration.

With farm fresh, high-quality produce, and an abundance of unique and delicious recipes; we might just be the solution to school lunches (or after-school snacks)!

Our range of snacking items are a refreshing addition to any lunch! Have you had our Dolce® Sweet Mini Peppers? They’re a fantastic source of Vitamin A which helps build strong bones and teeth, but these peppers aren’t just healthy! Bright, sweet, and crisp; the perfect snack for any picky eater by themselves, or make this Sweet Pepper Quesadilla for a quick and easy meal that’s sure to please!

Maybe, your back-to-schooler is a big fan of tomatoes. In that case try our Concerto® Grape Tomatoes, they’re an easy addition to any lunch box, or make them the star of the meal with this Tomato and Roast Beef Ciabatta (without the chilli flakes to make it kid friendly!). Plus, they’re an easy way to get Vitamin C which is a great immunity booster!

Or the ultimate easy snack for students, our Fresco® Baby Cucumbers. These crowd-pleasers are so easy to snack on you might forget you’re eating vegetables! Take this twist on a classic Cucumber “Tzatziki” and make a lunch that’s the envy of the class. Not only delicious, but cucumbers are great way to promote in hydration and are super nutritious!

Let us help make this school year easier by adding tasty and healthy veggies to lunches! Follow us to stay up to date with all the exciting new recipes we have coming your way, and you might just find the perfect meal for any student!

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