Thanksgiving with Windset

If you’re like us over at Windset Farms® you’ve got the same type of warm, fuzzy it’s almost Thanksgiving time feeling. We also know the struggle of trying to figure out what to feed the countless people coming over to celebrate! There are the picky eaters, and we’ve all got a friend with dietary restrictions in the mix. It can be stressful, and we know it.

Good thing we have the solution to all these tricky problems; a wide inventory of perfect sides to compliment any array of guests. There is something to please everyone on our Windset Living Recipes page.

From meals ranging from exciting Bacon and Gusto® Shishito Pepper Risotto to classic Tomato and Sweet Potato Soup, we’ve got a treat for everyone.

Here, at Windset Farms®, we are all about making things as tasty and easy for you as we can. Just like us, we’re sure, you don’t want to make things more complicated on an already stressful day. So, make things simple and choose a Windset Farms® recipe, we have the key to an easy and relaxing Thanksgiving.


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