Introducing our New Recipe Series!

Are you tired of cooking the same dishes over and over as we eat at home a lot more?  Combining fantastic cooking and fresh produce, we’re excited to share some new exciting recipes!

Staring in these webisodes, Windset Farms Executive Chef Trevor Bird shows us how to make these amazing dishes! Ranging from hearty Tomato Pepper Bolognese to light and refreshing Tomato Tarts; we’re always looking forward to see what he’s going to cook up next!

Follow along with the written recipe while watching the video or use it for reference later when making these delicious dishes! Don’t forget to tag us using #WFRecipeSeries when trying out our recipes!

Make sure to stay connected with us through our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to know when our next Recipe Series video will be debuting! We’re sure you won’t want to miss whatever tasty treat is coming up next!

Keep checking the Windset Living page for new and exciting recipes from Executive Chef Trevor Bird, or to discover other delicious Windset recipe ideas!

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