How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming is a major issue in the world. By incorporating these small steps in your everyday lifestyle, you can do your part to lower your carbon footprint on this earth, pathing the way for a brighter tomorrow.

There are multiple aspects of your life where you can opt for more sustainable alternatives. These include:

Shopping Local

At Windset our greenhouses are in close proximity to retailers, so produce is picked, packed, shipped and on the shelves often within 48 hours.  Less transportation time reduces carbon emissions.

Buying Seasonal Food

No matter the season, our greenhouse facilities allow us to grow 365 days of the year so you can enjoy quality grown produce, close to home, year-round!

Utilizing Reusable Shopping Bags

Bring along your favorite tote and produce bag next time you go to the grocery store. Look for Windset Farms produce in bulk. It will be the produce with the white sticker with the red tomato!

Buy Only What is Needed

Mitigate food waste by buying only what you need, and not in excess. Windset’s resealable and recyclable packaging make it easy to keep your produce fresher longer. We recommend buying fresh fruit and veggies every 7-10 days to prevent spoilage.

Additional ways you can lower your ecological footprint include buying secondhand clothing and donating items you no longer use, monitoring your water consumption by taking shorter showers and turning the taps off when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, and carpooling, biking or using public transit when possible.  

At Windset Farms, we are taking steps daily to reduce our carbon footprint, using environmentally suitable methods across all operations. One way we reduce our carbon footprint is by recirculating the water from the greenhouses. Any water not used by the plants is captured, disinfected and recirculated back to the plants. In addition, greenhouse facilities in Santa Maria are powered by solar power, and hydroelectric power in BC. Growing in high-tech greenhouses also allows us to maximize our land usage. For example, in Santa Maria, our 168 acres of greenhouse facilities grows the same amount of produce as 3,000 acres of field farming. Outside of the greenhouse, we package our produce in recyclable punnets and clamshells, and recently introduced 100% recyclable bags, as well as paper punnets. Produce is also always available in bulk to be purchased by retailers to reduce packaging use. We look forward to continue researching and bringing to market more sustainable packaging solutions.

Countries, companies, and people around the world are making efforts to reduce their overall carbon footprint by living more sustainably. You too can do your part and reduce your carbon footprint. A small change can make a big difference.

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