Giving Back this Holiday Season

All around North America the temperature is dropping, and people are warming up to the holiday season.

It’s times like this, when we’re putting up our holiday decorations and spending time with friends and family, to remind ourselves that not everyone has the same opportunities. The winter season is often the hardest part of the year for homeless youth and adults alike, so keep them in mind as the days get colder. Take a moment and think about what you can do to help, whether it’s through donating time or supplies. Even the smallest contribution can help make someone’s holidays a little better.

Go and find your local shelter and ask what they need or follow this guide for the does and don’ts of shelter and food bank donations. Try to keep in mind the basics and remember it is winter when donating clothes! There is always a need for supplies, so reach out to shelters in BC, LA, or wherever you are located.

As a greenhouse, we pay close attention to ensure none of our produce goes to waste, and regularly donate extra veggies to our local food banks. Food insecurity can be a huge and stressful issue for families around the holidays, but food banks in your area do their best to feed everyone that needs a meal. They can’t do that without the continued generous contributions from their communities.

Happy Holidays from us over at Windset Farms and don’t forget to join us in giving back this season!

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