Windset Farms® is happy to announce that its greenhouses in Delta, British Columbia and Santa Maria, California are certified by Equitable Food Initiative (EFI). So, what does this mean to you!? It means that when you purchase Windset Farms® product grown at these facilities you are supporting a more transparent food chain, safer food, and healthier places to work.

Growers and farms with this certification have met over 300 standards and labor practices that aim to provide greater transparency for consumers and employees in the workplace.

These standards include incentivizing and empowering employees, food safety and packaging standards, and improved work conditions.

Windset is one of the first farms in North America that have been determined by a third-party auditor to be compliant with EFI standards. Once certified, growers can display the EFI logo mark on product that has been grown in their audited facility. When consumers purchase EFI certified produce they can feel good knowing that they are helping to create a healthier, more ethical and sustainable food system. We look forward to seeing more farms seek out this certification and watch it grow over the years to come.

For more information on the Equitable Food Initiative please click here.

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