Get Cooking this Winter with Windset


The winter holiday season is officially upon us! As we enter into another year of chilly weather and itchy sweaters, we’re working hard to bring you some joyful dishes that will bring you some winter cheer!

Zesty Windset Tomato Salad

Looking for a beautiful side dish to add some colour and flair to your holiday party? Well look no further! ‘Savoury Experiments’ has crafted a gorgeous Zesty Winter Tomato Salad that’s sure to leave your friends and family wanting more. A no-cook recipe perfect for the busy holiday season, this salad is a quick and easy solution to your cuisine conundrum. The recipe calls for two cups multi coloured tomatoes halved or quartered. Our delicious Symphony® Tomato Ensemble are a collection of individual flavours, textures and colours that will pair perfectly. For more recipe details check out the Savoury Experiments post here.

Image credit: Savoury Experiments

Easy Cucumber Christmas Trees

If you have a little bit more time and some skill with a knife, these Easy Cucumber Christmas Trees from ‘Eats Amazing’ are show-stopping in both design and flavour. The ingredients are simple; just a carrot and a cucumber, but any determined home-chef has the opportunity to really make this recipe their own. You could pair a tasty Fresco® Seedless Cucumber with a carrot base, or maybe even with a base of tangy mozzarella. Nothing says ‘winter’ like a beautiful cucumber pine tree on a bed of fresh snow… and of course by snow we mean cheese! Recipe details from Eats Amazing here.

Image Credit: Eats Amazing

Sauteed Peppers and Onions

We found a bright, mouth-watering dish from ‘A Couple Cooks’ that both smells AND looks festive. This Sauteed Peppers and Onions recipe calls for a beautiful blend of oregano, salt, and olive oil, with the caramelization rounding out the flavour palette. Our sweet Maestro® Bell Peppers will add a tantalising crispness to this festive dish. Head to A Couple Cooks to see what other dishes these veggie lovers have whipped up!

Image Credit: A Couple Cooks

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