Fresher than Ever Before


Windset Farms® and Verdant Technologies are excited to announce a new shelf-life extension solution, HarvestHold Fresh®! Starting with our tomatoes-on-the-vine supplied from Mexico, we’ll be implementing HarvestHold Fresh® in select US retailers, with plans to expand even further.

In a 22-day trial with HarvestHold Fresh®, Windset Farms tomatoes were treated and shipped from Central Mexico to British Columbia, Canada. Results showed significant benefit to product firmness, visual appearance, and shelf life!

For our valued consumers, this means less money wasted on produce gone bad, and end-to-end quality improvement.

We’re committed to improving the experience of our customers by exploring innovative sustainability practices. By partnering with Verdant for this exciting new pilot, we’re able to continue working towards our goals!

Windset Farms plans to launch the retail pilot with HarvestHold Fresh® in October 2022.

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