Introducing Paper Punnets and Paper Lidding!

Windset Farms® is excited to add paper punnets and paper lidding to our product packaging! We strive to provide the best produce while leaving the lowest ecological footprint possible. Using more widely recyclable paper to package our produce is just another way we are offering more sustainable options for our customers.


Through discussions with numerous industry organizations, suppliers, and consumers a common concern shared by all is the lack of appropriate recycling facilities; particularly for plastics.

Paper punnets and paper lidding provide an additional option for our customers who may not have access to plastic recycling facilities.

A standard (R)PET pint with paper lidding is 100% recyclable almost anywhere in North America as PET is easy to recycle and accepted at most recycling facilities. If PET is not accepted in your area, a paper punnet is the way to go with a whopping 90% less plastic when packed in this sustainable packaging! The paper for both lidding and punnets comes from third party-certified sources and is recyclable in most areas in North America.


Paper punnets and paper lidding will be available for Windset Farms’ snacking tomato varieties with additional sustainable packaging options being introduced through 2022.


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