Growing Organic!

Windset Farms® is thrilled to continue growing our sustainable, greenhouse grown
 organic offerings!
Windset Farms® began growing organic produce in
2017, starting with Organic Long English Cucumbers. Over the past five years,
our offerings have expanded immensely to include Organic Tomatoes on the Vine,
Roma Tomatoes, Cocktail Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes, Medley Tomatoes, Bell
Peppers, Mini Sweet Peppers, and Mini Cucumbers.

Windset Farms® has long standing relationships with partner growers, who grow the highest quality organic products to the same safety and quality standards as our own homegrown items. All our organic produce is USDA and Canada Organic Certified, with many products holding additional Fair-Trade Certification. We grow using sustainable practices, environmental resource management and fair treatment of farm workers and are continually researching and developing cultivars adapted to grow well in a controlled environmental agriculture setting to provide you with the best organic produce possible!

When you choose Windset Organics, you can feel good about where your food comes from while enjoying an exceptional eating experience! To see our growing list of Windset Organics please click here

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