Crop Cleanout: Out with the Old, In with the New!

New year, new crops!

With the changing seasons come shorter days and colder weather. In California, Santa Maria’s mild climate provides a year-round greenhouse growing environment. In BC, our Delta greenhouses wrap up production and use the winter season to complete a full clean-out process and re-plant! What all does this entail? Glad you asked!

Every year in November and December, our dedicated staff and grower partners strap on their boots and perform a full clean-out in the greenhouses. First, all plants, plant matter and coco grow blocks are removed. Greenhouses are hydroponic, meaning our plants don’t grow in soil. The coco grow blocks are what we use to plant the seed. Coconut husks hold moisture and oxygen that the roots need to grow. Fun fact: All coco medium is sent to a local sod company in Delta to be reused!

Once plants are removed, they clean and sanitize everything, from floors and glass roofs to irrigation drippers. While the greenhouses are empty, any maintenance necessary is also taken care of, such as irrigation line replacement. Once maintenance is complete and new grow blocks are laid, final disinfection is performed, and the greenhouse is ready to be planted. New plants are brought in from our propagator and planted, drippers are set, and just like that a new crop is under way!

This growing season, our Delta greenhouses will produce a variety of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. Cucumbers are the fastest growing commodity we produce, with our first harvest expected just 7 weeks after planting! Pepper and tomato crops take a bit longer to produce fruits, with first harvest happening after 12 weeks.

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