As a family farm, Windset Farms believes in the strength that comes from being there for each other. Ensuring everyone has access to nutritious, fresh produce is one of our ways to support the communities that support us. Windset Farms contributes fresh veggies to local food banks in British Columbia and California on a regular basis throughout the year.

In BC, Windset makes weekly donations to food banks and meal service organizations including Food Banks BC, CityReach Care Society, and Union Gospel Mission. These organizations have a huge impact on our community and collectively help citizens overcome poverty and homelessness. Every month food banks in BC help feed more than 100,000 individuals. Windset is proud to be able to contribute a small portion to better the lives of so many people in our province.

With donations happening weekly, this April alone we have donated over 65,000 pounds of fresh, local produce!

In California, over 4,500 pounds of fresh produce was donated to the Santa Barbara County Food Bank benefitting the Kids Farmers Market Program as well as the Healthy School Pantry Program for the month of April. Both programs serve Elementary school children from low-income families participating in after-school programs in Santa Barbara County, promoting good health and knowledge of the critical impact fresh fruits and vegetables make in a healthy diet.

Feeling the urge to donate or volunteer your time to these amazing organizations? Click on the links below for more information!



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